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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 6


The people in this photo are (left-to-right): Mrs Mary Meiritz (at rear); Miss Elfriede Meiritz (in front); Mr Emil Meiritz (looking down), a planter and transport operator from Mulifanua; Mr Cyril ‘Mac’ McKay (standing behind), of the NZ Administration; Mrs Fa’auiga Meyer (?); Mrs Moe Carruthers; Mrs Else Klinkmuller (with bag); Miss ‘Trude’ Stunzner; Mrs Louisa Sasse (nee Hellesoe) behind; Mr ‘Fritz’ Stunzner; his son ‘Fritz’ Stunzner Jnr; Mrs Mary Ellen Stunzner (nee Betham) with dark hat; Mr Augustus Betham (dark jacket); Mr Wilhelm Arp partly obscured; Mrs Hedwig Grapengiesser; NZ Administrator, Brigadier General Herbert Hart; Mr Max Grapengiesser Snr at rear (glasses and grey hat); Mr Arno Max Gurau at rear (grey hat); Commander Ramsbottom of the HMS Laburnum; Mr Fritz Jahnke (grey hat), a planter at Mulifanua; Mrs Theresia ‘Tupou’ Jahnke; and their daughters Marie ‘Maria’ Elise and Gertrude.

Credit: Grapengiesser Family Collection; photographer A.J.Tattersall; restored by T.Brunt 2013.

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  1. Maria Jahnke says:

    Love the pictures, thanks for sharing! Awesome to be able to see my family in the photos:)

  2. Shan Godsmark says:

    Awesome pics. Any chance you have anymore with Fritz Jahnke and his family?

  3. Rowan Heath says:

    I believe the woman standing to the left of Moe Carruthers is my grandmother, Jessie Hetherington Carruthers, Moe’s husband, Irving Hetherington Carruthers’ sister.

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