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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 5


Apia architect Mr Albert Schaaffhausen (3rd from right holding wreath) had spent several months of voluntary labour renewing the foundation, fence and monument before the ceremony. He was the architect for many of Samoa’s most notable colonial buildings during the German administration of 1900-1914. The accomplished builder of many of Schaaffhausen’s landmarks, Mr Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Stunzner, is also in the picture (3rd from left with white beard). Others that can be identified (left-to-right): Boy in shorts Max Grapengiesser Jnr; 4th from left with glasses Mr Max Grapengiesser Snr, a plantation manager from Tuanaimato; Mrs Hedwig Grapengiesser (nee Gebauer) dark hat, partly obscured; Mr Arno Max Gurau; Mrs Else Klinkmuller behind; Mr Rudolf Gebauer, a planter at Aleisa; Miss Gertrude ‘Trude’ Stunzner behind; Mr Augustus Betham, dark jacket.

Credit: Spemann Family Collection.

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  1. Teresa Henderson says:

    My great grandfather was Herman Frederick Bahn. Some say he is from Denmark and others say he was German. I’m told he worked on the building of the court house in Apia and wharf either as an architect or in construction. He was born in 1874, married his first wife in 1898, she died in 1901. He married his 2nd wife Susana Kakala Tofaeono (my great grandmother) in 1904 in Matafale, Upolu, Samoa. His grave site is in Samoa. I would love to have more info on Herman. We’ve asked extended family for photos of him and any information but haven’t had any luck so far.

  2. Tama fasitoouta says:

    My great grandpa was Tuli Gustav Wily. He would of been in samoa around 1900s or so..

  3. Abby McTaggart says:

    My Great grandfatheris Mr Albert Schaaffhausen I would love to see more photos of him and learn more about him.

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