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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 4


The blending of the German and Samoan peoples was apparent in the marchers that day. By the time of the monument ceremony three generations of German-Samoan descendants had emerged in some families.

Credit: Spemann Family Collection.

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  1. Virginia Addison says:

    I have a son in law who`s family is connected to the frost family
    The names are Ana, Tom, and James Frost maternal side of the family James being the direct line. Cooper Carl Frost believed to be their father, from possibly Germany
    I have found Ana Frost m Aiono Aipovi on Samoa burials of son 1886-1969 Aiono Tifaga Frost.
    Are you able to give me a clue to resolving this mystery of the lineage for son in law.Fatu family. Thank you

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