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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 11

This photograph was taken in about 1913-14 of a group of people partying, reportedly at the holiday home of Mr Berking and his wife at the time, Mrs Caroline Berking (nee Netzler), at Letogo east of Apia. With a few exceptions most of the men in the photo appear to be Germans drawn from Apia’s commercial community, especially the large trading and plantation company, DH & PG (Deutsche Handels und Plantagen Gesellschaft der Südsee Inseln zu Hamburg).

A number of people can be identified: man at top in middle holding up a glass of beer, Mr Ludwig K.Schmidt; man second row from top on the left leaning on handrail, Mr Werner Sasse; woman beside him in long white dress, Mrs Caroline Berking; other woman with hand on handrail, Mrs Antonie Schmidt; man sitting on step with hand on chin, Mr Rudolf Berking; next row down, sitting on the bottom step, left-to-right Mary Swann, Margaret (Maggie) Swann, Mr Peter Fabricius and Agnes Swann (later hotelier Aggie Grey). Mr Fabricius married Margaret Swann in October 1913. He was of Danish descent.

Credit: Agnes Sasse Heeney Collection.

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