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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 8


A photographic profile of Rudolf Peter Bernard Berking.

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  1. Konrad Milton Berking says:

    This is one of my ancestors. would like to know more.

  2. Frances Moore (nee Fruean-Philipp) says:

    Rudolf Peter Bernard Berking’s second wife in Samoa was my mother’s cousin, Anna Lefagaoali’i Saffings. She was the daughter of Fa’ava Faitifaga Margarethe Fruean and August Saffings. Rudolf and Anna Berking had two sons, Peter and Ronald Berking.

  3. Bernhard Berking says:

    RUDOLF BERKING is my grandfather, married to PEPE, Helen Theresa Bartley (3rd wife).My father is “TARZAN” George Heinrich Berking. This is great to get to know everyone in the family history

  4. Poly Origins says:

    Might be of some interest.


  5. Colleen Watson says:

    Love to dear Peter ,Luana , Michael.

  6. Ernie Saffings says:

    hi i think my gramps is their only brother, his name us William Saffings past away in Tonga.

  7. Ernie Saffings says:

    And my gramps father is August Saffings and his mother is Margareth Fruean


    Hello Ernie,
    We are distant cousins.I send my love to you and all my relatives who may read this.
    In my family we called my grandmother (Elsa Margaret Saffings)Nanna Watson.
    Nanna & her sister Olga Saffings(married to Alf Page)made a trip to Nuku’alofa to visit relatives.
    I am also related to the Schober family through Elsa & Olga’s sister Marie Christina(Aunty Tina).

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