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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums

94 – Asau to Falelima: Cornwall PDF

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The PDF below, by Tony Brunt, has been added to the “Walk Under Palm Trees” website as it provides some context and new detail on the acquisition of plantation land in Samoa by German companies in the 19th century. It focuses primarily on the land purchases of British settler, Frank Cornwall. PDF here: cornwallblock

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  1. Tiufea Rudy Meredith says:

    A very interesting piece of research malo lava Mr Brunt
    An envaluable work on the history of Frank Cornwall
    I am interested and trying to piece together how it could be
    linked to my grandfather Frank Cornwall Meredith the youngest
    son of Thomas Meredith Somehow I am fascinated and
    how I could piece together the information you provided regarding
    Jane could be linked to my grandfather or my great grandfather
    Thomas Meredith
    Hope someday I could meet up with you and to thank
    you for the hard work you have put into these historical
    and rich information on the early days of Samoa

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