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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


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Johan Cesar VI Godeffroy (shown at left) controlled the Godeffroy Company, in Hamburg, during its years of expansion as the leading trading organisation in the Pacific.

It had been established by his father, but Johan (born in 1813) built it into a dynamic enterprise that, at its peak had 27 ships plying both the Atlantic and Pacific. In 1860, a central outpost directing Pacific operations was established in Apia. Though the Pacific business was very profitable, company investments in Europe forced Godeffroy’s into bankruptcy in 1879 and its Pacific operation was restructured as the DH & PG.

J.C.Godeffroy died in 1885.

Credit: “Einhundert Jahre Australienfahrt 1886-1986,” Otto J. Seiler, Hapag-Lloyd.

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