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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 101

Many of these men from a DH & PG group photo would have been present at the retirement gathering for Kurt Hufnagel in 1911 when the card was presented. This image from Motuihe Island in July 1917 is one of the few good quality group shots that exist of company staff. There are probably good images that were sent to the head office in Hamburg that now reside in German archives but none appear to be available for viewing on-line.

The people are (left-to-right): George Lober (Samoa), Alfred Schultz (Tonga), Karl Bunge (Samoa), Karl Hanssen (Samoa), Adolf Eberhardt (Samoa), Emil Hellfritz (Tonga), Reinhold Hofmann (Samoa), Ernst Studt (Samoa), Paul Voget (Samoa), H.Cassebaum (Samoa), Adolf Ohle (Tonga).

Credit: Bunge Family Collection, photographer R.Hoffman.

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  1. Ben Helfritz Timothy says:

    Finding this photo along with all the exhibit photos has been exciting and rewarding. Until two months ago we only had 1 photograph of our great grandfather Emil Hellfritz taken about 15 years earlier.
    We now have three, the second one, from Germany, a portrait shot on Motuihe around the same time. It’s obvious now that it was also taken by Reinhold Haufmann. The other photos depicting companion POWs and life on Motuihe Island are very valuable in getting a more complete idea of what it was like there in addition to the letters we have written by Hellfritz, Ohle, Schultz and Hanssen all whom are also in this excellent shot of key DHPG personnel.
    Thank you Tony Brunt, Museum of Samoa and the families and people who contributed to this amazing exhibition. It is a blessing.

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