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The Germans in Samoa 74


A huge welcome awaited them when they sailed into Apia on board the aging coastal ship “Lady Roberts”. Scores of friends and relatives stood on shore. Within days word had spread, “The Stunzners are back.” High chiefs Mata’afa and Tamasese called on them with gifts. The two Samoan dignitaries were related to Mary Ellen through her grandmother Malaisala Fiame, (married de Silva).

This image shows Apia Harbour from the main overseas anchorage as it existed in the 1920s when the Stunzners returned. There was no wharf. People were ferried to shore by launches and small boats (this form of boarding and disembarking persisted into the 1960s). The remnants of the Adler shipwreck sit on a reef in the middle of the picture.

Credit: “Apia Harbour from the main overseas anchorage,” McKay, Cyril Gilbert Reeves. Historical photographs of Samoa, Tokelau, and Cook Islands. MSS & Archives 2007/5, folder 4. Special Collections, The University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services. No further reproduction of the image is permitted without the written permission of the Library.

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