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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 69


This exquisite photo of the Stunzners from Motuihe is one of Hofmann’s best. The occasion was the 60th birthday of internee Gustav Kronfeld, of Auckland, (on left) who had married Mary Ellen’s aunt, Louisa de Silva. Kronfeld ran a successful trading company that did business into the Pacific.

To mark his birthday his family sent bouquets of flowers to the island, some of which were placed in metal buckets that belonged to the Stunzner children. The buckets look specially polished for the occasion. Along with cake on the table can be seen a plate of what look like mussel fritters. Other birthday tables set in white table cloths can be seen in the background at both left and right. The man at the back appears to be Mr Theodor Brenner, formerly of Apia.

Credit: Alfred Schultz Album; photographer R.Hofmann.

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