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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 100





Karl Hanssen, Manager of the DH & PG (1906-14), shown at left, had organised a special presentation for Captain Hufnagel a few years earlier in 1906 when Kurt had ticked off 25 years on Vailele. On that occasion Mr Hanssen had organised a reception at the company headquarters at Sogi complete with brass band to mark the occasion musically. Hanssen had pretended that the band was assembling to mark the arrival of the Union Steamship Company’s first vessel to Apia but revealed the true reason at the reception. He called Capt. Hufnagel one of “the sights of Samoa” who many visitors to the islands asked to meet. Hufnagel was the first company employee to see out 25 years in the same position.

Credit: Alfred Schultz Album, photographer R.Hofmann, circa 1918-19.

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