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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


TGIS 2-69

Photos remain in some family albums in Auckland of friends who were included in the repatriation on the Main in 1920. Here are a few of them.

(On left) Mr Richard Marggraff, a plantation manager for the DSG (Deutsche-Samoa Gesellschaft) at Tapatapao; (in middle) the Schmidt family – Mr Ludwig Karl Schmidt was the managing partner at Grevsmuhl and Co., in Apia, when repatriation occurred. He resettled with his wife, Antonie, and their children Wilhelm ‘Bill’ and Aniva in San Francisco where this photo was taken in the 1930s (Bill and Aniva revisited Samoa in their adult years); (on right) Mr Ernst G. Studt, an employee of the DH & PG who was allowed to return to Samoa in early 1920 after internment on Motuihe Island but was then included on the repatriation list in June.

Credit: Marggraff photo, Grapengiesser Family Collection; Schmidt photo, Meiritz Reid Family Collection; Studt photo, Alfred Schultz Album (cropped).

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  1. Michael Margraff says:

    I am looking for more information on Richard Marggraff. My dad is from Toamua,Samoa and knows little of my great grandpa because my grandpa didn’t know much of him either. Please help with ANY info. This picture is the first I have seen!!

    • Tony Brunt says:

      Talofa Mike, I will send you a high-resolution stand-alone photograph of Richard Marggraff for your family records. Any others I come across I will also share.

      • Louni Hanipale Mose says:

        Talofa Tony,

        I’m married to Mike’s aunty (his father’s sister); I would be grateful if you are able to email me a copy of the stand-alone photo of Richard Marggraff and any other photos of him in your collection.
        Mike lives in the States, and we are in Auckland …. hence this request for separate copies. Faafetai.


  2. Tony Brunt says:

    We have now been able to establish that Mr Marggraff resettled in Indonesia where he had a coffee plantation. He revisited Samoa in 1928. His date and location of passing are, as yet, unknown.

    • Malinda Standley says:

      Hi Tony, in regards to Richard Marggraff. Do you know where I could look to find out more about his family history or anything about his life please? I am his great grand daughter. Thank you. Malinda Standley

  3. Corina Pongi says:

    hi there Karl Ludwig was my great great grandfather if anyone has any information or photos it would be greatly appreciated for my family tree.

    thank you

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