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The Germans in Samoa 64


The only known photo of the Casino Hotel under construction, seemingly taken by hobby photographer Mr Gustav Klinkmuller during a weekend when the site was deserted. Mr Stunzner built the hotel with imported American Pine for the sum of 20,000 Marks. The DH & PG enforced a 5-month maximum building period for the hotel, a remarkably tight timeframe which Stunzner was able to meet.

A sweetener in the contract promised that the DH & PG would provide, “zehn (10) schwarze Arbeiter unentgeltlich…” – “ten (10) black workers free of charge” to hasten construction. This description for Melanesian workers brought in to Samoa as a labour source was common parlance around the turn of the century. Note the rail system installed to bring construction materials on wagons from the adjoining DH & PG warehouse and the company wharf at Sogi which was only metres away.

Credit: Klinkmuller Collection; photographer Gustav Klinkmuller.

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