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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums



This crop from the map stretches from the north-west coast of Upolu to Tuana’i in the east. The settler land holdings (marked with brown shading) are dominated by the DH & PG land holdings which comprised approximately 20% of Upolu in 1914. This map appears to show properties down to about 10-15 acres in size. Click on the image to shrink it. 

Named landholders (excluding company names, customary land allocations etc) which can be read (left to right) include the following: Laurenson, Cornwall, Brunt, Langen, Suhren, Wallwork, Moors, Goebel, Zeischank, Treviranus, Harman, Stowers, Haensell, Schwalger and Spemann.

Credit: Besitzstands-Karte von Upolu [cartographic material] (Apia, Kaiserl. Vermessungsamt, 1914). MapColl 945.3fb/1914/Acc.7793, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, N.Z. [cropped].

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