To Walk Under Palm Trees

The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


MAP WESTERN w Rectangles

This map of the plantations of western Upolu as at 1 January 1914 gives a snapshot of the pattern of land ownership just prior to the disaster of the First World War and the confiscation of most of the German land holdings. It was completed by the German Administration Chief Surveyor, Mr Max Moldenhauer, together with a matching map of eastern Upolu, which is also included in this chapter.

The next two images zoom in for a closer look at the areas marked in the two rectangles. These take in western Upolu and Apia and environs. No comparable map of Savai’i appears to have been completed by the Germans prior to their departure from the islands. Apologies for the screen overflow which is necessary to view these maps in high resolution. Click on map to shrink it; click on back arrow to return to main image.

Partial key: black line −·−·−· indicates the natural boundary of the coastal coconut palm zone as mapped by the Germans; brown line – – – – indicates walking tracks. “Eingeborene” = customary Samoan land (A full key to these maps is provided in the map of eastern Upolu, Image 65).

Credit: Besitzstands-Karte von Upolu [cartographic material] (Apia, Kaiserl. Vermessungsamt, 1914). MapColl 945.3fb/1914/Acc.7793; Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, N.Z. [rectangles added].

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  1. Wilfred says:

    Do you happen to have a copy of this map without the black squares? would love to print this.

    • Tony Brunt says:

      Good point. Have now uploaded a clean image of this map as the final image in this chapter and exhibition. Scroll through to the last image.

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