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The Germans in Samoa 58


Displaying a stronger South Seas flavour, the Stunzner home is shown here again in 1928 after it had been bought by Theodore W. Brunt (on porch), and his wife Freida (nee Schwenke), who is upstairs. The Brunts bought the house in the early 1920s, possibly from the NZ Administration. They have opened up the house more to allow an airflow through a gap above the concrete foundation pad and the timber cladding above. The decorative embellishments of the lower wall have gone.

Credit: Tony Brunt Collection

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  1. Roberta Agnes McBryde (nee Schuster) says:

    Hi your collection is very interesting and fascinating.
    However I wonder if you have any information on the Schuster person of German origin that came to Samoa.
    I heard very little from my father of the origin of his Germanic background.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

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