To Walk Under Palm Trees

The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


TGIS 3-60 combo

The family collection contains many beautiful photos of Ilse’s early years at the Klinkmuller home at Vaimoso. On the left, Else holds up an 11-month-old ausiva. Ilse attended secondary school at St Cuthbert’s College, in Auckland, in the late 1920’s as a boarder (see photo on right). Mr Klinkmuller died in Apia in 1936 and wife Else in 1948. They are buried at Magiagi. Ilse married in Samoa. She emigrated to Auckland in 1949 and passed on in 2003. There are many Klinkmuller descendants in Auckland though not by name.

Credit: Klinkmuller Family Collection, photographer Gustav Klinkmuller.  

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