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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 56


One of the famous ‘flag raising’ photos of the invading New Zealanders in 1914 shows a close-up view of some of the Courthouse woodwork.

This photo, from the Bunge Family Collection, was apparently taken from the balcony of the Hellesoe store and home on the opposite corner. A nearly identical photo by Alfred James Tattersall is held by the Alexander Turnbull Library, in Wellington, but shows the flag almost at ground level a few seconds before this picture was snapped.

Credit: Bunge Family Collection; photographer probably A.J.Tattersall.

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  1. Donald Mee says:

    The exact photo above also appears on a Tattersall “real photo” postcard with the inscription “Hoisting the Union Jack in Samoa. 30th Aug 1914. A.T. Photo 28. Copyright.”

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