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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


TGIS 3-56

The Klinkmuller camera that was taken to the lava field took large glass plate negatives. This camera (or a later one) used plates that measured 12cm x 9cm (see photo) and therefore had the potential for high resolution and fine detail. Many images from this camera in the family collection appear to suffer from exposure or focus problems. Degradation of the plate emulsion has also occurred over the years, probably in the tough Samoan climate before the plates were brought to New Zealand in 1949.

This photo shows two of Gustav’s glass plates, the one on the right with the emulsion side up. Glass plate cameras were bulky and inconvenient to use and small roll film cameras overtook them. However, the large negatives could capture immense detail in the right circumstances.

Credit: T.Brunt photo.

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