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After his return from Germany with the matai group in 1924, Fatu Frost corresponded with Aiono Dr Erich Schultz until the latter’s death on 24 June, 1935. Contact between the Schultz and Frost families ended when Fatu died in January 1956. (For more archival information and photography of Dr Schultz see Images 4 & 5 of Part 3 of this exhibition).

After more than half a century, descendants of both families met again in Samoa in 2012. Mrs Aniva Gesine Lefmann, Dr Schultz’ granddaughter, confirmed during a visit to the islands that the laulau fesilafaiga (ava bowl), fue (orator’s whisk) and to’oto’o lauga (orator’s stick) used in the Berlin saofai was still in the Schultz family’s possession. The two families plan to meet again in 2014.

Credit: Alfred Schultz Album photos; photographer R.Hofmann.

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  1. Tuilavasi'i Tom Aiono says:

    I’ll be looking forward to that meeting of the Frost and Schultz families in 2014, but I just need to know the exact time of the meeting or the re-union and the venue…please if you know those informations, then could you please email them to me on my email address:, thank you very much for all these informations that you have provided on here. Thanks Tuilavasii Tom Aiono.

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