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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 51

On the Cormoran’s Samoa visit in November 1911 this photo of most of the crew was given to Max Grapengiesser by crewmember R.Storch, probably an officer, apparently as a ‘thank you’ for hospitality offered in Apia (this information derived from an inscription in German on the back). Rudolf Gebauer cannot be identified among the crew.

Rudy left the ship a year later in Hobart, Tasmania, where he lived for several years, working as a biscuit maker. In Hobart Rudy married Miss Acey Tatnell. After the outbreak of war, he was classified as an enemy alien but released on parole. Australian Government records noted that his employer “speaks highly of his loyalty to [the] British Empire.” Mr Gebauer gave an undertaking “not to act in any way prejudicial to the safety of the British Empire during the war.”

Credit: Grapengiesser Family Collection, restored T.Brunt 2013.

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