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Fatu spent approximately two years in Berlin living with Dr Schultz. He would have been present at Erich’s wedding in August 1920 to Miss Charlotte Schultz. Fatu asked his adoptive father if he could return to Samoa to build his birth father, Aiono Aipovi, a house and develop their family land. This was in about 1921. According to Frost descendants, Dr Schultz agreed but extracted a promise from Fatu that he would return and confirm titles for his children so that they would have a permanent link with the country that he had developed a great love for.

According to information pieced together from both Frost and Schultz descendants, Fatu returned to Berlin in 1924 with a party of 20 people, including 10 matai from Fasito’o, and held what may have been the only saofai ever held in Germany. Three children had been born to Dr and Mrs Schultz by this time, a son Aiono Karl Henning (b. 12/06/1921), daughter Fuatino Maria Christiane (b. 2/8/1922) and Tuala Joachim Eckart (b. 1/1/1924). The titles inherent in these birth names were apparently confirmed by the visiting matai. Dr Schultz, by then Dr Schultz-Ewerth, appears to have been given the title Aiono. Fatu then returned to Samoa to live out the rest of his life. This photo shows Fatu’s interesting two-storey fale at Fasito’o in 1938 with beds arrayed down one side of the upper floor.

Credit: Riethmaier Family Collection; photographer possibly Gregor Riethmaier.

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