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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 42


Everyone wanted to be photographed with this spectacular catch. This is one of the few photographs from Motuihe which shows Dr Schultz. He was sensitive to the fact that Samoa had been lost during his governorship. His absence from photographs may have been a deliberate move to avoid photography which could have been exploited by NZ and British wartime propagandists.

Identities are: (Left to right) at back Alfred Schultz (DH & PG, Tonga); Karl Rudolph; Adolf Ohle (DH & PG, Tonga); Count Felix von Luckner (arms folded); Mathilde Stunzner; Walter von Zatorski; Fatu Frost; Governor Schultz; children in front Kurt Stunzner; Fritz Stunzner Jnr; Albrecht Stunzner & Gertrude ‘Trude’ Stunzner.

Credit: Alfred Schultz Album; photographer R.Hofmann.

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