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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 41

























Fatu speared a large kingfish one day while fishing from rocks. The head of the gaffe was left in the fish and it was hung from a branch of a tree that stood just up from the south beach and below his house.

Credit: Alfred Schultz Album; photographer R.Hofmann.

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  1. Krishna Brons says:

    Hi, My Name is Krishna, my mothers name is Donna Frost daughter of Ma’ai Fritz Filisi Frost Eldest Son of Fatu Aiono Frost. I have enjoyed reading about my Great Grandfather and find him to be an amazing man. Their is So much about this man that intrgues me. Reading this small piece of his history makes me want to learn more about him. Thank you for sharing this story to the world, this makes me feel very proud to be his Great Granddaughter.
    Kind Regards

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