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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


TGIS 3-38

Before we bid farewell to Reinhold Hofmann let us pay tribute to the two men whose carefully preserved photo albums have brought to light his photographic record, Alfred Schultz (left) and Karl Bunge (right).

Both men had been with the DH & PG at the time of internment, Schultz in Tonga and Bunge in Apia. In addition to his remarkable album which has over 100 Hofmann photographs, Alfred Schultz left detailed captions. Their content has proven of immense archival value. Mr Schultz lived in several locations after internment and died in Hamburg in 1944. His album is held by descendants in Auckland. Mr Bunge married New Zealander Mary Kramer-Walter after internment. His album is held by descendants. It contains 25 or so Hofmann duplicates from the Schultz album as well as a similar number of new Hofmann originals.

Credit: Both photos Alfred Schultz Album, Tui Kronfeld Parr Collection, photographer Reinhold Hofmann (restored T.Brunt, 2014).

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  1. Carl Bunge says:

    My grandfather Karl Bunge left NZ in the early 20s and worked for a time in Macassar which is on the Island of Sulawesi in what is now part of Indonesia. The family returned to NZ in 1928 due to his ill health and he passed away in 1928. He is buried at Hillsborough Cemetry in Auckland.

    • Cheri Hoffman says:

      Hi Carl, wondering if we can get in touch regarding information on Karl Bunge in Samoa.


      Cheri Hoffman
      Lower Hutt

    • Linda Bucchi says:

      Hello Carl,
      My mother Susana & your father were half brother & sister. I have been told I look a lot like our grandfather Karl and I would really like to have more information and photos of him.
      Would it be at all possible?
      Kind regards,

    • Steve says:

      Hi Carl, I am doing some research on the Kramer Walters Paengaroa Boarding house and was wondering if you have any photos of it.
      Regards, Steve

  2. Patricia says:

    Would like to know more on Karl Bunge in Samoa, please, if possible. Thank you.

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