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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 32


This Reye family photo taken outside their Moto’otua home in 1927 shows (left-to-right): at back Egbert and Alvine; at front Raimund; Margaretta and Ernst Friedrich, and Raimund’s Australian wife Ruby (nee Thompson). Baby Elma is the daughter of Raimund and Ruby.

The other sons, Ernst Jnr and Volrad, were in Australia at the time of the photograph. They were training for the ministry at the Avondale Seventh Day Adventist College, Cooranbong. Ernst Friedrich Reye had become an Adventist as the result of visits from Edith and Pastor H.T.Howse in 1919. Daughter Alvine became a nurse but all four sons entered the ministry. Raimund Reye was appointed Superintendent of the Samoa SDA Mission in 1925.

Credit: Reye Family Collection.

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