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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 30


The Reyes visited Germany in 1911 on a 10-month furlough, spending Christmas in Leipzig with Margaretta’s aunt Mary Kopsch (nee de Silva), who had emigrated from Samoa with her husband Otto Kopsch. (Kopsch reportedly fought and died in the First World War; a son, Emil, also fought but survived).

This photo of the family was taken in Leipzig and shows the children (left-to-right) Volrad (born 1905), cousin Ottilie Kopsch; Ernst Alfred (b.1908); Raimund (b.1904). Two more children were born to the union, 4th son, Egbert (b.1913), and daughter Alvine (b.1914).

Credit: Reye Family Collection.

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