To Walk Under Palm Trees

The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


TGIS 3-32


Peeling potatoes at the outdoor kitchen. This temporary tent camp was set up in November-December 1918 on Motuihe at the time of the influenza epidemic. Mr Rudolf Berking is in the dark suit.

HOFMANN BIOGRAPHY #1: Reinhold Theodor Anton Hofmann was born in Kassel (then called Cassel), Germany, on 21 March 1889, according to his Prisoner of War records held by Archives New Zealand. He trained as a nurse or medical officer in Kiel, graduating in 1908. Mr Hofmann was a petty officer in the Naval Ambulance Corps when he was granted leave to take up a posting to the DH & PG Company, in Apia, in 1912. He had a senior position on two recruitment voyages to New Guinea when the DH & PG hired several hundred Melanesian boys for plantation work in Samoa. Hofmann was based at the large company plantation at Mulifanua.

Credit: Alfred Schultz Album, photographer Reinhold Hofmann.


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