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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


TGIS 3-28

The Bartel family working cheerfully in the outside washing area at Narrowneck Camp. (This photo and Image 26 were given as mementos to Christine Bartel’s close friend, Mary Kramer-Walter, who became Mrs Bunge. See next photo 28b).

The Bartel family appears to have been repatriated to Germany on board the ship “ss Matua” in March 1920. In Germany, Max and Christine added a daughter to the family, Fuatino, a taupou name from Aleipata where Christine’s mother had her roots. The children grew to adulthood in Germany and Gunther had a daughter called Juliane Bartel, who became a well known radio and television journalist (Juliane’s life is commemorated in a prominent news media prize in Germany). From the 1920’s onwards Christine Kruse Bartel became a leading light in the closely-knit ex-Samoa community in Germany. She paid a return visit to Apia in about 1960, where she was widely feted. Daughter, Fuatino, became an actress.

Credit: Bunge Family Album, photographer Reinhold Hofmann.

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