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The Germans in Samoa 121

After his retirement in 1911, Captain Hufnagel accompanied his 16-year-old daughter, Clementine ‘Tine’, to Germany where she was to attend college. He was also delivering his two nieces Hedwig (Hettie) and Ilse Stunzner, aged 13 and 10 respectively, to Germany for education. The photo above shows Kurt with Clementine and his sister Clara in Germany.

Kurt’s health had been precarious for some time and the trip exhausted him. In Breslau he fell seriously ill and died on 8 August 1912. Clementine made the following announcement (translated from German): “After thirty years working in the colony of German-Samoa, my dear father Kapitan Kurt Hufnagel passed away peacefully in his sleep here early this morning on his visit home at the age of 65. Breslau, 8 August 1912. The grieving daughter, Clementine Hufnagel, in the name of the family, presently in Breslau, 130 Stern St.”

Kurt was cremated and Clementine returned to Samoa with his ashes.

Credit: Hufnagel-Betham Family Collection, photographer F.Engelmann, Posen.

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