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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


Tetens Photo

This fine photo of a Hufnagel-Betham family group at Vailele appears to date from early 1905. It was taken by German scientist and astronomer, Mr Otto Tetens, who lived in Apia from 1902-1905 and established the Apia Observatory. While in Samoa he took a large number of high quality photographs using a glass plate camera. His images are of great historical interest and have been exhibited in Germany. We are grateful to Tetens relatives for permission to use this photograph.

The people in the image are, left to right, (sitting) unknown; Mrs Margaretta Reye (nee Betham); Mrs Katherina Hufnagel (nee Betham) with son Franz on lap; man in white jacket unknown; Mr Otto Tetens at back on right in grey jacket; Mr Gustav Kronfeld (?) with Clementine Hufnagel; (standing) unknown; unknown; Mr Augustus Betham; Mr Ernst Reye with son Raimund (born 1904); Mr Montgomery Betham Junior; Captain Kurt Hufnagel; Kurt Hufnagel Jnr; unknown; Gottlieb Hufnagel (head obscured).

Credit: Photo by Otto Tetens © Christiane Niggemann, Bochum Germany.


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  1. Tim Kronfeld says:

    Yes my Great Grandfather Gustav Kronfeld seated at front right in a white suit with his re-nowned spectacles.
    At that time he was resident in Auckland. Moved there from Vavau in 1890. Was a merchant plying trade between NZ/Pacific Island and onto California and Europe. Under the Enemy Aliens Act was interned on Moutahe Island 1915. My father wrote an account after obtained his records from the National Archives in 1991.

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