To Walk Under Palm Trees

The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


TGIS 3-24

On 1 March, a parade of many thousands proceeded to the German flagstaff at Mulinu’u where the flag raising ceremony of 10 years before was re-enacted (see next photo by A.J.Tattersall). Walking four abreast from Apia the parade stretched for one and a half miles (three kilometres) and was led by the band of the visiting German warship, “SMS Cormoran,” followed by the Marine and Samoan Guard, officials, spectators and numerous Samoan brass bands.

After the flag raising and speeches a large part of the crowd moved to the nearby Samoan Council House to get some shelter and shade. This was when Gustav Klinkmuller snapped this photo on his glass plate camera (see the Council House also in image 4). More speeches took place and the day was completed with Samoan village dance performances. This photo could be of a group of dancers assembling for their performance.

Credit: Klinkmuller Family Collection, photographer Gustav Klinkmuller.

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