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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 22

Lifelong friendships were forged in the ‘lost years’ of internment. Berking became camp leader again and made representations to the NZ authorities on a number of issues, signing his letters, “On behalf of the German internees.”

Identities (left-to-right): (at rear) Mr Max Grapengiesser (in glasses); Mr Kurt Schmidt (with pipe), Mr Albert Wetzell (towel over shoulder); Mr Paul Hessman, the German teacher at the Apia German School, based in the Concordia Club building; Mr Fritz Stunzner; two men in white shirts, unknown; (at front, standing) Mr Robert Wetzell; Mr Berking; Mr Arthur Leuschke; Mr Fritz Jahnke; (kneeling) Mr Werner Jahnke; unknown; Mr Gregor Riethmaier.

Credit: Riethmaier Family Collection; restored by T. Brunt 2013.

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