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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 20

In February 1934, Mr and Mrs Berking hosted a reception for the crew of the visiting German Navy cruiser Karlsruhe at their property at Letogo. Rudolf had remarried in 1931 to Anna Lefagaoali’i (nee Saffings). She can be seen, third woman from the left.

Others identifiable in this photo are (from left): man in white suit and pith helmet Mr Alfred Matthes, a plantation manager at Magia; Mrs Anna Matthes behind him; Berking in middle with Mrs Siavalua Stoeckicht beside him; Mr Gustav Stoeckicht directly at rear; on far right, man at rear, Mr Kurt Stunzner; young girl, full length, Miss Elfriede Meiritz; Mr Fritz Stunzner Jnr at extreme right in grey suit.

Credit: Meiritz Reid Family Collection.

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