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The Germans in Samoa 115

By contrast, the DH & PG land purchases on Savai’i were much smaller, as can be seen by the light green area at lower right showing the situation in 1884. The company appears not to have developed large plantations on Savai’i, preferring instead to purchase copra and other crops from independent suppliers, through DH & PG trading offices at Palauli, Faga, Fagamalo and Safune. After 1884 further land purchases by German interests appear to have been made at Lata on the south west coast. By 1914 approximately 6% of Savai’i was in German hands.

British-owned land on Savai’i approximately matched the German acreage in 1884 but was on the other side of the island. This British land was mainly in a north-south strip stretching from Asau down to Fagafau on the west coast. Accounts indicate that approximately half was under cultivation.

Credit: Google Earth Map ©Google ©DigitalGlobe; German-owned shaded area derived approximately from maps in Sylvia Masterman, “The Origins of International Rivalry in Samoa, 1845-1884,” George Allen and Unwin Ltd, 1934, London, pp.80-81.

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