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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


The Germans in Samoa 113


This photograph, probably from the 1870’s, shows a group of Godeffroy’s workers in Apia, including Theodor Weber, who appears to be the man in the sailor’s outfit sitting on some cases. immediately on his left is Mr August Godeffroy. Mr Peter Rasmussen, who joined the company in 1869, is on the right with his foot on a bale.

Mr Weber had a Samoan wife and, according to Harry J. Moors, “two beautiful daughters” who were sent back to Germany before the age of eight for education. They apparently grew into “talented handsome women, and were well married,” Moors reported. What became of the part-Samoan Weber descendants in Germany is not known.

Credit: J.D. Hahn-Godeffroy Family Collection.

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  1. Duanna sao says:

    My great great great grand father was Peter Jacob Laban danish who was a Pharmacist/Chemist.. who was the manager of the German Kopra Plantation in Nukulaelae in Tuvalu 1857. Do you have any photos around that time?


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