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Mr Gustav Klinkmuller, on right, was an official in the final German Administration. He was born in Detmold, in Germany, in 1880, and had spent some time in Lomé, the Capital of German Togoland, in West Africa. A trained lawyer, he arrived in Samoa in about 1906 with his wife, Else (nee Muchalski), who was Polish. She is the woman on the left.

Mr Klinkmuller was a genial and popular figure and was one of the few German settlers who were allowed to remain in Samoa after the deportations of 1919-20 despite not having been married to a local. Nor was he interned during the First World War. Mr Klinkmuller was known  affectionately as ‘Klinky’ in the expat community and is shown in this photograph with New Zealand Administration Crown Solicitor, Mr Alfred McCarthy, on left, and Mrs McCarthy on right. Gustav maintained a prominent legal practice in Apia. From 1928 it was known as ‘Klinkmuller & Kronfeld’ and then later ‘Klinkmuller & Pleasants.’ He lived at Vaimoso and died in March 1936. (See an outline of Mr Klinkmuller’s photographic work later in Part 3).

Credit: Klinkmuller Family Collection.

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  1. Tama fasitoouta says:

    My grampa was Tuli Gustav Wily and I don’t know anything about him. Could there be a connection?

  2. Eleni Tavau says:

    Gustav Klinkmuller did marry to a local Samoan woman. Her name is Eleni Talaamoa.

    • Tama fasitoouta says:

      I don’t know… All my pops told me was his name. My last name is Wily., supposedly the last name inherited by him,Tuli Gustav Wily.. Just wondering if anyone knew him.

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