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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


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Albert Schaaffhausen, shown on the right in 1938, was separated from his home base in Samoa for approximately nine years, from mid-1914 until, reportedly, 1923, when he returned to Apia. He was able to reinstate his marriage.

Albert worked as an architect and then Head of Department for the Public Works Department of the NZ Administration until his retirement in 1946. Mr Schaaffhausen was interned on Somes Island in New Zealand from 1942-44. He died in 1960 aged 84. Anna Schaaffhausen passed on in 1949 at the age of 64.

The photo above shows Albert with Count Felix von Luckner (centre) and C.G.R. ‘Mac’ McKay, Secretary of Samoan Affairs in the New Zealand Administration, on board Von Luckner’s yacht, “Seeteufel” in Apia Harbour.

Credit: McKay Family Collection.

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  1. Tiana Sauni says:

    Albert Schaaffhausen was m Great Grandfather.

    • Charlotte says:

      My great grandmother was Hannah while Albert was away on business Hannah had a child in which Albert took in as his own Johnny Moa Schaafhausen he is my late grandfather.

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