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The Germans in Samoa: Snapshots from Albums


Stoeckicht and Osbahr

Mr Gustav Stoeckicht (on left) was the Chief of Police in Samoa for much of the German Administration. He was born in 1873 and came to Samoa in 1905 when he took up his official position with a staff of one assistant and 18 Samoan constables. Mr Stoeckicht married a local, Miss Siavalua Tiedemann, and had three children. He was interned on Motuihe during the First World War and returned to Apia where he ran a small business until his passing in 1953. The family lived on four acres at Lotopa. Two daughters later emigrated to New Zealand and a son, Peter, was sent to Germany where he married and settled.

H.F. Wilhelm Osbahr (on right) was the German district administrator for South Upolu in 1914. For many years before that he had been a teacher at the government school in Apia. He was interned in Auckland from late 1915 until his repatriation to Germany on board the “Willochra” in May 1919 with his wife and children. A son, William, remained in Samoa and grew up there before emigrating to New Zealand in 1927.

Credit: Bunge Family Collection, photographer Reinhold Hofmann (cropped).

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  1. Marlene Passmann Osbahr says:

    I am a grandchild from Wilhelm Osbahr. Thank you for this notice.

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